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  • Digital power control technology, remote control
  • Soft switching start technology, 97% high efficiency
  • Shade wing shape design, longer bulb life and the unique design of the lamp holder, the temperature is lower
  • IP65 industrial waterproof grade, safe and reliable
  • Made of 97% German An aluminum, high light efficiency
  • Separate patent for lampshade bulb, reducing cleaning cost by 70%
  • Breathing holes are waterproof, balance the temperature difference of the power supply
Product details

The fixture comprises of a electronic ballast, Die-cast case, Die-carting Arm, VS lamp holder, Germany 97% aluminum Deep reflector with heat dissipation and a lamp in one complete compact package. 

Made according to horticultural standards, the housing of the ballast is sealed and contains a plug to ventilate the housing, while keeping dust and humidity out.

The higher output and added efficiency of the industry standard Germany reflector make this the workhorse of the family.

The reflector is replaceable (we recommend to do this every year to two years) .

*Mounting is easy because the fixture is balanced and only requires two hanging points.

*A controlled environment with less waste and short production cycles year around.

Model No.DE HPS/MH 1000W
Fixture Dimensions (L*W*H)558mm*237mm*191mm / 22"*9.7"*7.8"
Input Voltage277V/ 347V /380V/400V
Input Wattage1000W±5%
Input Current at 100%3.7A/3.0A/2.7A/2.5A
Inrush Current<40A
PPF2100 umol/s
Power Factor>0.97
Total Harmonic Distortion≤10%
Ignition Voltage>3KV
Temperature Ambient0-40
Relative Humidity<70%
Warranty3-year warranty
CertificationUL, CE


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